We crafted this kit “FRIGGA” of home fragrance and scented candle to those who search for coziness and warmth of the family hearth, who protect their home and family like the apple of their eye, whose home is their fortress. This kit and a simple magical ritual may help to:

Create harmony at home and among the family members;
Protect your home form anger;
Protect your home and family members form uninvited guests and their evil thoughts;
Bring prosperity and financial wealth.
In Norse mythology Frigga, the chief god Odin’s wife, is the goddess of household. She is the ideal guardian and keeper of the home’s hearth, the only one who is allowed by her husband to sit in his throne and look out over the whole world.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 6 cm
The kit cointains Hand made scented candle Frigga and hand made home parfum Frigga is packed in one gift box.
Home parfum Natural essential oils, natural resins and fragrances oils; special diffusion base; rattan tree sticks with sola wood flowers; the fragrance of the home parfum will spread about 3-5 months. This duration may differ depending on the surrounding temperature, humidity and changes in the atmosphere.
Scented candle 100% natural soy wax, natural essential oils and fragrance oils; wooden wick that crackles cozily while burning; the candle burns for about 50 hours. All the candles are hand-made, each of them is unique, therefore their weight and burning duration may differ.

Item will be shipped in 1-2 weeks
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The magic fragrance of this kit is based on old customs, traditions and the belief that every plant or aroma has its own magical purpose. It is like a witch recipe, where each plant and its aroma have a very important aromatherapic and magic function. The main notes supplement each other with aromatherapic properties and create a high-end fragrance pyramid where each scent has its place in harmony with other aromas.

Home parfum:
Agarwood: used in incense and perfume since ancient times, mentioned in numerous ancient written sources – Sanskrit Vedas, the Old Testament, and Islamic scriptures. Aquilaria trees are also called god-trees. Agarwood was considered to be so powerful that it could cleanse the soul and banish evil spirits.

Laurel: the scent is quite spicy, reminding of laurel leaves and a bit of eucalyptus. Laurel leaf essential oil is considered to be a natural antibiotic that is believed to help fight many infections. Its aroma will warm you up and give the sensation of harmony, security and tranquility. Laurel strengthens energy fields, harmonizes and soothes.

Tobacco blossom: its aroma is widely used in perfumery, both in home fragrance and perfume formulas. This masculine scent will bring the sensation of coziness, security, and stability to your home. Not without a reason in folk tales people tried to ward off the devil by chewing tobacco leaves or by smoking pipes. Tobacco is a great measure against evil spirits, it protects homes and people from negative energy, jealousy and evil eye. Slightly sweet, but luxurious and rich smell of tobacco will create a warm, tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.

Scented candle:
Myrtle: it has a calming and relaxing effect, may help in cases of impotence, frigidity or erectile dysfunction. Myrtle is believed to be an effective helper in getting rid of bad habits, therefore it is a common ingredient in many mixtures for those willing to give up smoking or drug addiction. In magic myrtle is used for love spells and strengthening of household and family bonds.

Almond: almond nuts and wood have been used for magical purpose since very ancient times. Almond wood was even used for producing magic wands. Almond is a symbol of wealth, material goods and abundance. In this concoction almond will help to attract financial growth and prosperity. Almond scent calms, creates the atmosphere of safety, tranquility, warmth and harmony.

Oriental spices: the mixture of various herbs and spices contains aromas of pepper, coriander, fennel, anise, and saffron. Like different tones that make up a chord, these scents will acquire new magical and aromatherapy properties when mixed up, but at the same time they will retain their primal nature. The concoction strengthens energy fields, harmonizes and calms.

Together with this kit you will get:
A detailed description of the kit purpose; a description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents; a simple magical meditation/affirmation ritual and tips for using the kit so that its magical powers that will help you to create harmony at home and among family members, protect your home and family from anger, uninvited guests and their evil thoughts. We believe that this home fragrance will bring prosperity and financial wealth.


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