Latvian Designer

Linoteka, a brand originated in Latvia – a small but very warm at heart country, whose inhabitants believe that handicrafts have an added value of something much more special.

And the benefits of nature are those that must be used to create something unique and sustainable.

Using ancient traditions and skills passed down from generation to generation, Linoteka creates and offers its customers high quality, luxurious and sustainable products from natural materials.

Elegant clothes, home textiles and accessories made of linen, silk or wool are the field of Linoteka masters.

Latvians and their traditions have gone hand in hand through the centuries – inherited are not only the spiritual values ​​of a family, but material values as well that have gained special importance in the dowry of a family.

We must be able to create a product that meets today’s needs without compromising the ability of the next generation to meet their own needs.

Sustainability and quality are the main components of Linoteka handicrafts. All products offered by Linoteka are handmade and created in a magical moment when fingers meet the thread and dream sparkles into the eyes and heart.