laura daili

Lithuanian Designer

LAURA DAILI other known as Laura Dailideniene is one of the most famous Lithuanian designers.

Notorious for her exceptional clothing line and unique glass jewelry.

Laura launched her ‘Daili’ fashion brand in 2003 and ever since became famous for her signature style, constructed designs and inherent cuts. „Daili Jewelry“ brand has an impressive recognition not only in Lithuania but also by clients from all around the world. „Daili Jewelry“is always produced from glass, silver and natural dried flowers.  „Laura Daili“ exclusivity – is a clear concept of its purified and European quality, while the inspiration comes from my surrounding world and fills in minimal, beautiful creations. 

“mada yra trapi kaip stiklas, bet nesustabdoma kaip laikas. Laura Daili”

“fashion is fragile as glass but unstoppable as time. Laura Daili”

As a fashion designer, I am inspired by simple things, I like to wander around Lithuanian meadows, collect flowers, photograph plants and look for inspiration for my collections. There is a lot of research, Baltic moderation and aesthetics in my work. I present my design through my prism, which is at the same time modern, long-lasting fashion that has no age and can be passed down from generation to generation. 

Living in a world with so much choice, I want to present people a sustainable fashion full of ideas and history. That reflects an approach, a sense of form, and a different form of communicating minimalism and aesthetics.