Latvian Designer

Baiba Ladiga-Kobayashi (brand LADIGA) is a conceptual designer based in Riga, Latvia.  Baiba Ladiga-Kobayashi is constantly looking for new shapes, materials and construction methods, very often draped, minimalistic, and architectonic.

Her garments and accessories are a perfect match for busy travelers or simply active life lovers, thanks to its functionality. Her idea is: fashion should follow our needs and not the opposite. Deconstruction plays a big role in the BAIBA LADIGA design as well. 

The designer emphasizes the importance of sustainability in her design process and aims to create garments that are friendly for both – nature and the human body.

The designer works with natural materials, pays extra attention to the quality of the material and follows the principles of zero–waste fashion.

Besides Ladiga –

Kobayashi main brand BAIBA LADIGA, the designer has created the diffusion line KOBAYASHI. KOBAYASHI is our sustainable diffusion line proudly created from dead-stock fabrics to offer you the friendliest price for the best quality.