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Baltic Design Stories goes further than basic necessities – we bring emotions to the foreground. Baltic Design Stories believes in the Baltic design uniqueness, singularity and its ability to be competitive in the Belgium market. Our organisation connects designers who blend in their products the best craft and cultural traditions of the Baltic region, messages with connotations to our shared history and deep harmony with nature.

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Baltic Designer's Stories

These original design products are characterized by environmentally friendly materials, sustainable solutions, innovative, coherent and functional design, where every nuance matters. There is a reason why linen is also called the Baltic silk and, to your surprise, grey can easily have more than 100 shades!

By combining cultural heritage with modern technologies in Baltic design, it allows creating products with a touch of minimalism and a feeling of high-quality handmade authenticity.



Elegant clothes, home textiles and accessories made of linen, silk or wool are the field of Linoteka masters.

Alexanderling Baltic Design Stories


The brand's ready-to-wear is just as covetable and very much inspired by its heritage - the key inspiration comes from hourglass silhouette with nipped waists and elongated body lines.

jewelry made in latvia


Jewellery representing subtle handmade and delicately intimate messages, focusing on the human inner world, where without love, respect and devotion, there is also craving and lust.



Leather craftsmanship founded in 1994 where the team of designers and craftsmen are combining the traditional Latvian arts crafts with modern designs.

verba - baltic design stories


Words are the main source of inspiration to make jewelry, and each piece has an inscription in Latin. With its meaningful and laconic ways of expression.



MeadowMe produces natural, design children and adult bedding products from GOTS certified organic cotton sateen with delicately embroidered meadow flowers.



The passion and accent of our jewelry is hot enamels - purity of lines, laconic design. Enamels are an eternal value comparable to precious stones.



Using the English bone porcelain, skillful craftsmen led by Jānis Ronis and according to his design are creating fine quality tableware, souvenirs and special gifts.



With the aim to emphasize the benefits of Northern herbal teas and turning them into a healthy lifestyle trend, the team has created a sustainable and eco-friendly range, suitable for most moments and moods.

baltic design stories


Award-winning embroidery master with 20 years of experience with dancing outfit-making. Unique skills from the hyper-competitive dancing world and graphical artist training give Siret Design work such a balanced out and harmonious look.



''Be-with'' clothing has secret passages for skin-on-skin hugs, that allow us to communicate through touch and feel each other closer.

baltic-design-stories-rainsisters fashion


Exceptionally feminine design coats for an urban lifestyle. Design to stand out. Waterproof and warm so you can be a lady despite the weather.

laura daili _ baltic designer


Unique glass Jewelry is always produced from glass, silver and natural dried flowers, famous for signature style, constructed designs and inherent cuts.

Baiba Ladiga baltic design


Her idea is: fashion should follow our needs and not the opposite. Deconstruction plays a big role in the LADIGA design as well.



Natural materials such as leather, linen and wool are used to make the design – bags, clothes and accessories, combining the historical traditions of craft skills with modern solutions.



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Our members merge traditional with the modern, thus creating unique and high-quality functional products, highlighting the best materials used, balance in shapes, color harmony and clarity of the style. 

Baltic Design Stories offers an array of fashion creations, jewelry, textiles, accessories, unique kids wear and toys, furniture, ceramics, glassware and lifestyle products. Products whose story lifts the mood and radiates joy, starting with the packaging and completing the experience with the scent and touch.

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Our team members are narrators of the Baltic design story which gradually carves its place among other world-known designs, designers. We rest assured that only by cooperating and sharing synergies the greatest goals can be reached!

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