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Baltic Design Stories is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 to introduce designers from Baltic states and to support them on their path to the Belgium design scene. Our mission is to connect Baltic designers with design lovers in Belgium and even broader.

The key objective for us is to develop a cooperation platform where we can introduce customers to the identity of Baltic design and facilitate its representation and export outside the Baltic countries.

baltic design ambassadors

Our team members are narrators of the Baltic design story which gradually carves its place among other world-known designs, designers and artists. We rest assured that only by cooperating and sharing synergies the greatest goals can be reached!


The founder and visionary of Baltic Design Stories.

” I moved to Brussels in 2012, due to my new work endeavor – a job at the European Commission. My educational background is related to economics, communications and marketing.

Latvian designers are a big part of my identity. I’m proud of who I am. I’m proud of my roots. It helps me to tell my own story in such a multinational environment as Brussels is. Every time organizing fashion and design-related events I received strong feedback, that only strengthened my belief: there is a market in Belgium for Baltic Designers.

I like to live in both worlds – the work of an official, frames and deadlines, and the creative one.

Putting all pieces of the puzzle together founding Baltic Design Stories was a question “when” not “if”.

A few of my favorite brands are Baiba Ladiga (LV), Laura Daili (LT) and Arro Porcelain (EE).” 


“I moved to Belgium a few years ago although my relationship with this diverse and rich country begun a long time ago, when I visited Brussels on regular basis as a representative of the ministry of culture of Latvia. My professional background is law, the education being acquired both in Latvia and Estonia. However, my whole professional carrier has been closely related to culture, working on policy-making as well as leading cultural activities in the art and music scene.

I am a passionate Baltic design lover – I proudly wear the neat coat by Latvian fashion artists Mare&Rols, trendy Latvian made shoes by Elina Dobele, earrings of Lithuanian designer Daili. I enjoy having my morning coffee in Laine Berina Ceramics mug. I am looking forward to purchasing an elegant bag by Estonian designer Stella Soomlais or Nulku.

The people of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are strong in their ambitions and creative in their appearances, also the design of the Baltic countries has its own unique taste, harmony and strength. I am happy to be a part of an enthusiastic team that is passionate to show the best of Baltic design in the world and to connect creative networks.”


Kristine BDS


Social media expert

“I came to Brussels recently and shortly after my path crossed with the Baltic Design Story team, which I am very thankful for.

I’m an event planner, producer and my passion for beautifully arranged gatherings always leads my way. I am a big fan of design and aesthetically pleasing surroundings & that’s how I fell for Baltic Design Stories – a platform, where so many unique and talented artists/designers have gathered together. That little Latvian in my heart always feels proud, when Latvian production/creations/people are appreciated across the world. And if I somehow with my contribution can help it happen, I feel doing the right mission.

My favorites are Maija Vitola (LV), Laura Daili (LT) & Alexanderling (EE).”

Aiga BDS


Administrative support

“I’ve been living in Brussels intermittently since 2014. For a couple of years, I was a Board member of the Latvian Association in Belgium. Having joined the Baltic Design Stories team recently and I have been mostly dealing with administrative matters.

I like designs that stand out among others and offer something special – brands offering their own uniqueness, creativity, quality and functionality. Baltic Design Stories have a very important role to showcase these qualities and introduce customers to the uniqueness of Baltic design.

My top favorite Baltic brands are Natalija Jansone (LV), SiretDesign (EE) and Solvita Gederte (LV).”

Zane BDS


Marketing professional and local expert

“In 2008 I visited Antwerp and fell in love from a first sight…and I still do but, in my core, I’m a girl from Riga. As a marketing generalist, I’ve been working in this exciting and constantly changing domain for over 15 years and as an expert in this field, I give my hand to the Baltic Design Stories.

I believe that anybody is creative but not everybody is artistic. I admire those artistic souls and visionary minds from the Baltic States who develop the unique signature of the Baltic Design. I do not design myself; I leave it to people who can do it a lot better while my job is to build brands, wrap offer in a story, and bring it to a customer.  I would like to encourage the designers to use external help to build bridges to customers and use a guiding hand to explore unknown waters – the export markets.

Designers: Baiba Ladiga (fashion, LV) and Aldis Circenis “Roo, rocking toy” (furniture, LV), Evelina Kudabaite (LT) and Karl Korsar (EE).”

Agnese BDS


Designer / Local expert

“I am an interior architect/designer based in Antwerp. I’m working and collaborating with architects on diverse projects throughout Belgium. It can be a design for a living room or a theatre interior. As a creative person, I’m interested in jewelry, design, photography, and other creative outlets.

That was also one of the motivation points to get involved with the Baltic Design Stories. On the other hand, combining work experience of more than 15 years in the architecture & design field with my Latvian roots allows discovering the value and perspective of Baltic Design in Flanders.

By introducing Baltic design products in projects in Belgium, a new style blend is created. One of the goals I have set to work on. In Baltic Design Stories I’m working on searching and providing information around the design scene and opportunities, fairs from the Flamish part of Belgium.

 As an extra spotlight and support, here are a few of my favorite brands: Gerda Retter and Nordhale (EE), Amoralle (LV), Indi and Zefyras (LT).”

Krista BDS


“I’m a Latvian living in Brussels since the beginning of 2020. I work remotely in a pharmaceutical company as a food supplement registration specialist in France.

Even though I have studied Biology in Paris and my work is more or less connected to it, I feel the necessity for more creativity and creative work in my daily life.

For example, I like to create new and exceptional clothes for myself and others. I love hand-made!

 I want to support creative people, especially now, when we have this opportunity to support our own Baltic designers here in Belgium so that they can gain some more popularity and success.

I am responsible for the communication with Latvian fashion designers, eager to display their work in Belgium. “Baltic Design Stories” is the perfect platform for me to demonstrate my passion for detail by nature.

 I am a huge fan of AMORALLE (LV) and Laine Berina Ceramics (LV).”



“I am Latvian, living in Brussels since 2012.

I have a fashion designer background and at the moment I continue to study art.

I enjoy a creative environment and I am fondly attracted to art, fashion & design. I create fashion accessories myself and I am also a painter.

My heart fell for all Baltic accessory designers –

Verba (LV), Maija Vītola (LV), Andris Lauders (LV). And oh yes – those marvelous “Linoteka” (LV) coats!”

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By introducing designers to Baltic Design Stories, we pledge our support to sustainability and eco-design. We thoroughly select and promote unique, sustainable, creative and ingenious Baltic designs by telling their stories through our online and offline platforms. Stories of Baltic design speak of comparable traditional culture, historical heritage and a strong connection with nature. Our shared history has made three nations known to the rest of the world as one region – the Baltics If you would like us to tell your story please contact us. 

Baltic design popup Brussels
Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians - all three nations are different, yet have so much in common. Many similar narratives can be found in their design creations. Stories of Baltic design speak of comparable traditional culture, historical heritage and a strong connection with nature. Our shared history has made three nations known to the rest of the world as one region - the Baltics.
Laura Bērziņa
Founder of Baltic Design Stories
Brussels pop up store Baltic design stories

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