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Why Baltic Design Stories?

Baltic Design Stories is a fast growing online platform with its mission to connect fashion, jewelry, accessories and interior item designers from Baltic states to their customers abroad. The key objective is to develop a marketplace where we can introduce customers to the identity of Baltic design and facilitate its representation and export outside the Baltic countries.

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Baltic Design


Stories of Baltic design speak of comparable traditional culture, historical heritage and a strong connection with nature. Our shared history has made three nations known to the rest of the world as one region - the Baltics.


Our members merge traditional with the modern, thus creating unique and high-quality functional products, highlighting the best materials used, balance in shapes, color harmony and clarity of the style.


Environmentally friendly materials, sustainable solutions, innovative design, where every nuance matters. There is a reason why linen is also called the Baltic silk and, to your surprise, grey can easily have more than 100 shades!


By combining cultural heritage with modern technologies in Baltic design, it allows creating products with a touch of minimalism and a feeling of high-quality handmade authenticity that has a great functionality in everyday' s use.

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Baltic Design stories

We started out as a pop-up store in central Brussels. Six Latvian girls came together to showcase the creations by designers from Baltic countries. It is a team of strong and passionate women, who have grown into a serious platform that bridges Baltic design with Belgium market and even broader.

The key objective for us is to develop a cooperation platform where we can introduce customers to the identity of Baltic design and facilitate its representation and export outside the Baltic countries.

We facilitate live meet-ups and bring together cooperation partners.

For your business growth we offer B2B services as well such as market research, B2B customer acquisition, organisation of individual projects and events, assistance in logistics, legal services and others. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our membership offer and the range of solutions we can bring to meet your needs. 

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Our team members are narrators of the Baltic design story which gradually carves its place among other world-known designs, designers and artists. We rest assured that only by cooperating and sharing synergies the greatest goals can be reached! Would you like to share this road with us? Come – join us! 

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BDS About Laura baltic design
Latvian designers are a big part of my identity. I'm proud of who I am. I'm proud of my roots. It helps me to tell my own story in such a multinational environment as Brussels is. Every time organizing fashion and design-related events I received strong feedback, that only strengthened my belief: there is a market in Belgium for Baltic Designers.
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